FACPL Libraries

The binaries of the stable FACPL library are released on the FACPL sourceforge repository The code is available via this git repository.

Note that, via the XACML2FACPL library, it is possibly to translate XACML specification s into a corresponding FACPL one. See the guide for further details. (The functionality can be use as part of the FACPL Eclipse plugin or through a Java library)

The official FACPL user’s guide can be found here.

FACPL Examples

Try the examples available in the Try FACPL in your Browser web-application. In particular, you can find a step-by-step tutorial and a complete example on the management of e-Health services and data.

The e-Health examples, together with other ones, are available in the sourceforge repository under the folder “Examples/”.

Eclipse FACPL Plugin

To use the plugin add it from Eclipse toolbar menu: Help -> Install New Software… by adding the following repository

when the installation process completes by installing all the dependencies, the FACPL environment can be used. Full-detailed instructions on the FACPL Eclipse plug-in can be found in the User’s Guide.

A Standard Form for FACPL 

In the Master Thesis of Tommaso Monciatti, it has been addressed the issue of creating a standard form for FACPL policies. In particular, any hierarchy of FACPL policies can be translated into an equivalent one, which contains only one policy level with a set of rules.

This translation process relies on two main steps that have been formalised in the thesis. There is also an Eclipse plugin implementation of such procedure that can be added in the Eclipse environment by using the following update site

To use these new functionalities, the command “Generate FACPL Standard Form” is available for all “.fpl” files.